Lies Mertens wants to explore the common space between different artistic disciplines, launching new collections in collaboration with other artists. Half a year after a first interdisciplinary collab with architect Camiel Van Noten, we gladly present our limited edition with Sofie Marijnissen.

Lies: “Working together with other creatives, I want to break down boundaries between fashion and other creative disciplines. Although my leather creations are functional objects, I want to prove that fashion can be a form of art.”

Just like Lies, Sofie has always been involved in art and creating. After finishing high school, they both went to study at the Sint-Lucas Institute in Ghent. Lies chose to focus on graphic design, while Sofie majored in drawing. Afterwards, they both moved back to Antwerp and their paths crossed again.

Being old friends, both active in their own artistic area, it’s no surprise the two decided to work together.

Sofie: “I’ve been painting for a long time, but the last few years I’ve been especially fascinated by flowers. My grandmother owns a big garden full of flowers and plants and my neighbour is a florist, surrounding me with flower bouquets. This way, I started to use flowers as a source of inspiration."

Sofie: "Colour and movement, typical floral characteristics, have always been important in my work. Every season represents different flowers, every bouquet creates a different atmosphere. Sunflowers, for instance, evocate a whole different feeling than lilies. That’s why every painting looks different.”

The collaboration with Lies Mertens came about very naturally, using Sofie’s paintings to inspire a limited edition, printing them on the lining of the handbags.

Lies: “Usually, I like to create neutral and timeless pieces. For this collaboration, however, it seemed essential to present eye-catching designs and colours. It just wouldn’t be right to create a back bag with Sofie: she’s always brightly dressed and together, we used to be the most colourful characters on the playground. Literally. This limited edition had to radiate a similar enthusiasm.”



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