Our values

Your bag, approved by future.

At Lies Mertens we want to make sure a happy future is waiting at our doorstep instead of a grumpy one. This vision translates itself into many aspects of our products and the company itself. If you want to find out how we incorporate sustainability in our materials and suppliers, have a look at our sustainability page.

Your bag, embraced by purity.

As nature is a constant factor in our vision; this can be clearly seen in our designs. Which are pure, simple, and timeless. It is carefully designed to last beyond the season with his timeless shape. By staying close to these characteristics, the bags breathe serenity, while staying true to their own strong identity.

Your bag, defined by functionality.  

In our eyes the modern woman does not need to bring structure in her bag, but the bag needs to bring structure to her. She wants to look sophisticated and work efficiently at the same time. Therefore, we want our bags not only to be visually appealing, but also being useful and practical. Due to our design, the bag perfectly fits your laptop, chargers and smartphone-but with a clean and pure look on the outside.

Your bag, untouched by time.

By creating our bags with care, craftmanship, cruelty-free and sustainable materials we can minimize the impact of time. However, we do not see time as our enemy, but as a companion in the aging process of the leather. Which gives the bag even more identity and character. Bringing all these elements together, we created a bag that will be of use for years while aging in a charming manner.


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