Our values


We only use eco leather, tanned with biodegradable products and treated without any hard metals. Handbags are designed in Antwerp and handmade in Portugal, where we only work with suppliers respecting the European guidelines regarding safe work environments and fair wages. Our label prefers to work with small businesses, with which we have personal contact and help us maintain full control of every production.
We want to minimise our ecological impact and reduce pollution by investing in climate care and choosing for recycled packaging. And of course, we ourselves love to be surrounded by plants and our office cat, Snorreke.


We’re not only aiming to create visually appealing bags, but also highly value the practical aspect. Lies Mertens started out as a brand creating handbags people can use for everyday life. Whether you’re on your way to work or having a drink with friends: the same bag can fulfill multiple purposes.
By adding different compartments to each bag, we provide enough space to store laptops, smartphones, chargers, keys and water bottles and create an easy way to retrieve all your stuff in a split second.


“How can we create something with as little elements as possible?” We aim to create timeless designs by reducing superfluous components. To guarantee supreme quality, we only design a limited number of bags every year, which we perfect in aesthetics and ease of use.
Our designs are pure, simple and timeless. We want to create a strong identity while maintaining a classical look at all times, turning our handbags in the perfect companion for all your activities.


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