the brand

About the brand

Lies Mertens is a young accessory label which grew out of the idea of combining efficiency and simplicity in a sustainable way. We focus on high-quality materials, design and creative expression. 

We believe that functional design can and should be beautiful. As we only design a limited number of bags every year, we can really take our time to perfect them in terms of aesthetics and ease of use. We want to make sure our bag is the perfect partner to deal with your active lifestyle.

We do this as we believe that products should mainly make an impression by minimising their impact on the world. We therefore try to reduce our ecological footprint as much as possible, for example by working with biodegradable leather which we tan without chemicals, instead using natural products.  It is not just our materials which are of the highest quality, but also the working conditions under which the bags are produced.

All of our bags are designed in Antwerp and then handmade in Portugal according to the European regulations.




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